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Victory Day In Belgorod 2011
It is the 66th anniversary of Victory Day this year. Russians celebrate this holiday from the 1st of May through the 9th
of May. The main event takes place in Moscow, but parades take place in every city throughout Russia on the 9th of
May.  In June of 1939 the Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact was signed. Germany and the Soviet Union had declared publicly that they would not attack each other.
On the 22nd of June 1941 Germany had invaded the Soviet Union. During this period of time the USSR lost 23 million people in the next four years.
There is no family in Russia, which was not effected by this war. The new generation of Russians tries
to remember the horrors of war because they still remember the stories of their grandparents.
Every year Russia celebrates the 9th of May as a Victory over Fascism and the loss of life during this period of time. As the older generation passes away a new generation will take its place. It is important to remember the past so as to prevent this great tragedy happening again to any country throughout the world.


The annual Victory Ball in Belgorod is dedicated to the Russian Military Glory Day.


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