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The Art Union Four

Photography exhibition of photographers Roman Nikulin, Alexei Pleshkov, Pavel Titovich and Vladimir Schekalov, who make up “The Art Union Four”.

The Art Union Four came about when four photographers became friends and started working on different projects together. Their first Exhibition together opened last Friday at The Russian Fund of Culture in the Belgorod region.

Address: Belgorodskaya Oblast, Belgorod. Pobeda Street,76. Phone number (4722)35-37-30.

The four photographers each have their own unique style and different photographic methods. Some of these methods are done with the camera and others are done in the darkroom.

Everyone can take a photo, but not every photo can be enjoyed as a piece of art. The modern society is sometimes too bright and colorful for us and we manage to handle “visual attack” from the modern city and our environment. For photographers who are usually very sensitive for visual impressions the city environment can be an inspiration or circumstances, which hinder from art development. Black and White photography (monochrome) is a way from chaos of impressions to clearness and integrity.

The works of Roman Nikulin are devoted to the human being. In his photographs you can read the purpose with, which he takes the photos. Portraits are not just fixing on the faces of a child, but he wants to understand the mind and attitude, catching the feeling of the moment.

The works of Pavel Titovich are notable for organization, where you get the feel of a long working time with the model and environment. Light and material are important for Pavel and he makes his models symbolic.

Vladimir Schekalov and Alexei Pleshkov works are photographs of landscapes. To make a nice photo of nature, which can be considered art is not easy.

Below is a short description of the four photographers and some of their work.

Roman Nikulin

Roman Nikulin was born in 1979 in Belgorod. When he was in third grade his parents bought him a Smena 8M camera. This is when Roman started learning how to take photos and learning how to print.

“It was an image appearing on a blank piece of paper. Now, later, I see this magic as a magic of a human life. Every person comes in this world and leaves with some experience of living.

Today, when it is so easy to take photos I miss the whole process, but the technical progress is moving on and gives me new possibilities.

Photography helps to understand the world and myself. I am interested in other peoples opinion and when I see that my photos are important for someone, it makes me happy and gives me new energy for taking more photos.

In 2004 Roman became a member of the “Union of Photo Artists of Russia”. He is a laureate of many photo competitions in Belgorod, Moscow and Vyborg.


Alexei Pleshkov

Alexei Pleshkov was born in the city of Gryazy, Lipetsk region in 1972. He has lived in Belgorod since 1976. In 1987 he started doing seawater tourism and traveling in Georgia, North and Western Caucas and other places. In 2005 photography became a hobby for Alexei. From 2006-2009 he became an active participate in photo competitions and exhibitions in Belgorod, Voronezh and Ryazan.
In March 2010 Alexei became a member of the “Union of Photo Artists of Russia”. This past April Alexei was elected as the director of this Union.
 Pavel Titovich


Pavel Titovich was born in Belorussia in 1983. His father was in a military and Pavel was the
youngest son in a family. Pavel graduated from Perm Technology University. While being a student there he started taking photos with a digital camera. Later Pavel started taking photos with a film camera.


“I like Photography because it can fix the real truth, which every person is having, sometimes the
truth is open, and sometimes it is closed for others. The production photo lets me realize situations, which would never occur in a real life. It is a real theatrical documental created in just one frame. Statement - is an endless theme for reflection and understanding of human essence.


I am interested in photography without digital manipulations and technology influence. The process
of a taking photos is a mystery and it should always be”


In 2005 Pavel became a member of Photo club in a city of Perm.

In 2007, 2008 he participated in different exhibitions in Perm and was honored with diplomas. In
2009 he was a member of a photo festival and an international exhibition in Perm. In 2009 he is participating in a photo exhibitions “Monochrome” and “ Body Language”. In 2010 he had a personal exhibition “Monologue”.


Vladimir Schekalov


Vladimir Schekalov was born on July 18, 1949 in Leningrad, Saint Petersburg. He spent his childhood and youth years in Vyborg. In 1966 he moved to Belgorod. He has lived and worked in Norilsk, Baku, Nahodka, and Vladivostok.


Vladimir is a member of a Union of Journalists of Russia. He has worked for many different
newspapers and magazines in Russia.


Vladimir started to take photos at the age of 10 when his father gave him a Zorky camera.

Vladimir has worked in many genres of photography, but his favorite is landscapes. He has participated in many different personal and joint exhibitions in Moscow, Belgorod, Nahodka, Vladivostok and Vyborg. He is retired now and spends most of his time to his devoted hobby of photography.

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