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Native Images 
Gennady and Margarita Kudrjavtsevy exhibition of “Native Images” opened this past Saturday on 28 of April 2012, at the
“Rodina”, showroom of the Belgorod regional office of the Union of Artists. The exhibition was in celebration of Gennady
Andreevich turning 70 and Margarita Petrovna turning 65 this past December. Gennady was born in a Siberian village Troitskoe (Krasnoyarsk region) and Margarita was born in the city of Krasoyarsk.


Gennady and Margarita met each other at college. They both attended the Irkutsk School of Arts, where they studied under the same teachers. After college they moved to Novosibirsk where Gennady was teaching. In 1981 they moved to Belgorod. Today
they are both accomplished artists and they travel around Russia taking part in different art competitions.
Gennady exhibition is mainly watercolors and some oil painting. Four areas of the gallery are filled with his work. A lot of
Gennady’s early work was in Irkutsk in a city with beautiful architecture and an interesting history. He loves the old wooden architecture and the craftsmanship that went into building them. Many of the building that he has painted over the years no
longer exist and it is sad for him when he sees these older structures being torn down today.
Gennady does a lot of traveling around Belgorod region, cities and towns of Siberia, Golden Ring of Russia (the central Russia). Sometimes he goes to non-tourist, not-famous places. He tries to talk to people as much as possibly specially the elderly; he is
very easy going with the people who are watching him working.
When Gennady travels to cities throughout Russia he always tries to get to archives so that he can study the different styles of lettering that ancient artists used. The ancient hand-written books are part of the Russian culture and history. Gennady has successfully combined the ancient style of writing with his own improvisations. He plans to illustrate in more in his future works
the ancient lettering and manuscripts of known Russian writers such as Pushkin, Tolstoy and Karamzin.
Gennady's talent and creativity shows the beauty of people and places where they live.
Margarita’s most resent work has been devoted to her husband of 42 years, Gennady Andreevich Kudryavtsev. He has been an inspiration to all of her projects.
Margarita’s grandmother and mother were dressmakers and at a young age Margarita was collecting the leftover scraps and
using them for her sewing projects.  The Tapestries that Margarita exhibits illustrate her understanding of the balance of color, which brings her artwork to life. Sometimes she is drawing the picture first, using watercolors before starting her patchwork
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