Paul In Russia
Margarita Kudrjavtsevy Current Tapestries


Margarita’s grandmother and mother were dressmakers and at a young age Margarita was collecting the leftover scraps and
using them for her sewing projects.  The Tapestries that Margarita exhibits illustrate her understanding of the balance of color, which brings her artwork to life. Sometimes she is drawing the picture first, using watercolors before starting her patchwork

Евгений Иванович Журавлев Photography
Evgenie Zhuravlyov's third photo exhibition opened last Friday at the The Russian Fund of Culture in the Belgorod region.  The exhibition is titled "Hello, my bother!".  There are 32 photographs on display. His exhibition will continue through the end of June. Address: Belgorodskay Oblast, Belgorod.Pobeda Street, 76. Phone number (4722) 35-37-30.